Texas Jam Was Rad!

Saturday October 17th was a day many flatland riders in Texas had marked on their calendars, the day finally arrived and amidst a sea of local scooter kids and skateboarders in a roller hockey rink hidden within the Skate Park of Allen these same riders converged for an amazing afternoon as part of the Texas Jam.

The jam was held within a roller hockey rink with buttery smooth pavement and lots of space for all the riders to bust out, the facility was top notch and included power, restrooms, and even spectator seating, it was a great venue compared to the typical empty random parking lot or garage and provided the perfect setting for a memorable afternoon.


The jam had a fantastic turnout and included several contests where riders got to compete for prizes donated by sponsors of the event, the biggest contest of the day was the Best Trick Competition. The Best Trick Competition consisted of 3 tries and 3 rounds, to mix things up the last round gave the riders 4 tries to bust out something really special, one of the prizes was a hand made trophy courtesy of London Bikes for 1st place among several other goodies provided by other sponsors. The Best Trick contest saw about 20 riders going at it and when all the dust had settled “EZ” Chris Anderson took first place, Bobby Burge got 2nd and Eric Evans (yes, THE Eric Evans) took third along with Ruben “R-Dog” Castillo III taking 4th. The other events throughout the day that were held included multiple games of “Foot Down” where riders try to stay in a circle without putting their foot down while competing riders try to knock them out of the circle or off their bike, last one to put their foot down wins a prize and this event was huge fun and awesome to watch, especially considering the rink was somewhat slippery. So how many jams have a “unibike” competition where riders were trying to bust out their best tricks on an old school unibike for prizes? No clue but this jam did! There was also a drift trike built and brought by London Bicycles Gino Palencia which was a hit with everyone, the super smooth surface of the rink was made for that thing and many a rider took turns sliding, spinning, even doing tricks with it.

diego tejada

Diego Tejada mid trick

EZ Chris

EZ Chris getting it done, Chris has a super smooth style and makes incredibly hard tricks look super easy, he used his skill and style to swoop up 1st place in the Best Trick Competition.


The awards ceremony for Best Trick, it was great seeing so many riders pushing themselves and cheering each other on during the competition.

Here are a few more images from Texas Jam –

Brandon Wollridge

Brandon Woolridge made the trip from Oklahoma for the Jam and also provided some of the pictures for this article.


Marty La Mantequilla Ferryman was having a blast with the drift trike, even pulling 360 no hand no feet variations with it.















Eric Evans

Eric Evans aka “PeeWee” was busting out bar ride variations all day.









David Walters

David Walters in mid trick























Texas Flatlanders would like to thank the following companies for their support of the jam –

Deco BMX – Reklamation Bikes – Flatland Fuel – London Bikes – Empire BMX – Bicycles Inc.

There are several individuals who worked hard to make this event as awesome as it was, Andrew Guerrero and Jacquelyn Guerrero for organizing it, Jeremy Jones for securing the awesome venue, Blaine Smith for helping in organizing and taking some great pictures, Randall Edwards for coming up with the flyer, Adam DiClaudio, Will Redd, Greg Giullotte for announcing/judging the best trick contest and other contests as well, Gino Palencia for the killer drift trike and even more killer Best Trick trophy and to anyone else who assisted and isn’t listed here thank you x a million.

Super huge mega universe sized thank you to all the riders who were able to attend as well and for all their stories and pictures and videos they’ve shared via Facebook and/or Instagram, Texas Jam was an overwhelming success and a fantastic time was had by everyone, the next event in the works will be held in January in Corpus Christi ,Texas, and we’ll have more information posted here as more details are available.




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