I’m such a slacker, let’s do some updates!

So to start things off this year has really caught me off guard, I had all a lot of things I wanted to do and then life happened. I have a small dog named Roxie, Roxie is about 11-12 years old, she’s a Rat Terrier, and she’s the sweetest dog in the world, if not the universe. I came home from work earlier in the year and found her standing on 3 legs with a scared look on her face, she was favoring her paw and just looked terrified, I scooped her up to get a closer look and then realized it was not her paw bothering her but the poor thing had broken her leg somehow. I immediately rushed her to a 24hr vet and was told she would need to stay overnight which was fine…..except for the bills that were about to start adding up, I made a phone call to some credit place the clinic uses and fortunately got approved (which was a shock), left her there overnight and then drove home sick to my stomach in worry about her and how I was going to pay for everything. The next morning I picked her up, took her to a place to get operated on and left her there again. A few days later I go get her, she’s wearing one of those awful collars that keeps a dog from licking/chewing their wounds etc. and a few weeks go by and her leg isn’t healing, on the next trip back to remove her stitches and check on her etc. I had to decide to amputate or terminate, I chose amputate and so far she’s doing ok, she gets around ok, it just breaks my heart to see her sometimes but at least she’s still here for a few more years and her quality of life hasn’t degraded with the loss of her leg at all.

Sooooo….what does any of this have to do with flatland? great question! When this year started I had tons of ideas for things I wanted to do, I wanted to do another Type None Jam, maybe even try putting together 2 of them or a contest or something. I wanted to ride more and practice more aggressively, maybe compete more, do some traveling etc. wel…..when all this stuff happened it shut everything down, with all the costs involved, the stress of taking care of a dog who was an invalid for at least 3-4 months, the time it took to help nurse the poor girl back to health, trying to work out how to pay for it all and the stress from all that combined really stole my thunder for this year as far as riding and trying to host events. There is an upside to this story though…..

Despite all the setbacks I personally encountered and that have prevented me from doing things I wanted to do, other members of the Texas Flatlanders have done some amazing things this year. There have been a number of events hosted by the group or members of the group that have been very successful and there are other possible events on the horizon. Several of our riders have also been competing and doing very well in contests, some of them have stepped up their class for a tougher challenge as well, we all look forward to seeing how they do in future competition. I personally got to ride flatland at the world famous Circuit of the Americas earlier this year, I got to ride laps around the track and then hang out and do tricks in the paddock area and other areas, there were so many smooth places to glide around on it was amazing, not to mention catching some amazing sunsets there as well. I’ve included a few pics from those sessions and from some of our other events earlier in the year.

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