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John Yull 7 days 7 tricks

John came to the US via England and even better he was smart enough to choose Texas as his new home (haha), his part in STD 3 is really pretty amazing, he’s always pushing his riding and always has a good attitude about it and he put together this compilation of him challenging himself to learning a…

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Mat Hoffman – 20 years 20 firsts


Will Redd is pretty rad

The guys at London bikes know what’s up, they make amazing parts and they put them to good use as evidenced by this clip…

East Side Jam video by Jim McKay

Ruben “R-Dog” Castillo III , “EZ” Chris Anderson, and a couple of other local Austin riders got together for a sweet jam session over on the East side, this spot has been growing in popularity since the OG has been a bust during the day on weekends, Check out this killer video Jim shot of…

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Hello world!

Hello world indeed, is up and running and ready for some traffic! We’ll be posting riding events, happenings in the world of Flatland riding and videos and whatever else we stumble upon including some amazing photos taken during various riding sessions all throughout Texas by our very own riders themselves.

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